Tanya Cheek

Let's Talk About Me

My name is Tanya Cheek. I am a new developer working on figuring out what I want to be when I grow up. Technology in general has always fascinated me and this website is the start of a new adventure into the world of development. I enjoy helping other people achieve their dreams. I am organized, efficient and empathetic. I actively listen and have great attention to detail. My alter ego is an accountant and in my leisure time I like to crochet gifts for other people.

My Work

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Holstee Manifesto

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This project was a chance to play with color backgrounds while learning the concepts of div and float. I am a fan of color and find different ways to incorporate it in my life.

Jubilee Austen

This project allowed me to bring what I was learning together to create a one page portfolio style website similar to this website. With step by step guidance, I was able to see the changes take place as I progressed. Starting with the HTML structure and completing the CSS styling allowed me to embrace the process and learn some key practices of development.

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Rogue Pickings

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Here I had a chance to learn photoshop and create a webpage based on a psd file. All structure and styling were done with no step by step instructions. Copying something already designed is a good way to practice the basic concepts to build your skills.

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Drop me a line some time.

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